February 12th, 2013

FigureFan is Dead… Long Live FigureFan Zero!

If you’ve grown accustomed to reading this blog on LiveJournal, I’m sorry to say my stint on LJ is now at an end.

It’s nothing to do with the fine folks at LJ. They’ve been a gracious host for my toy-related blathering these last three years and they have a terrific community. Unfortunately, the site that I use to host my photos has undergone some profound changes. The new site is an absolute mess, and it is no longer convenient for me to utilize their services. I had hoped to ride out the rest of this week, but work and everyday life take up enough of my time, that I can't afford to be banging my head against technical issues when they can be avoided. For the past week or so, I've tried my best to make it work, but doing so is driving me crazy and I don’t want any part of what I do here to become a chore. I had the option of using another service and keep things going here, but ultimately this just seemed like the right time to centralize what I do as I slowly move away from regular blogging and toward an actual self-contained and self-administered site. 

As a result, starting now I’m going to be running everything in one self-contained package over at Wordpress, and so I won’t be using LJ as a launch pad for content any longer. I
 won’t actually be closing anything down here, so the features that are here will still be available, but I won’t be checking in to respond to messages or comments.

I sincerely hope that any readers who haven’t already made the move to FigureFan Zero will take this opportunity to follow me there, as it has always been the same content and by streamlining my process it will ensure that I can keep delivering content on a daily basis. I’m just a few weeks away from my third anniversary of this craziness, and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.

All the best.

Your pal,